Rikiton Biography

Ricardo "RIKITON" Gonzalez is about to release his debut album, much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans. With the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, newfangled sound that he has made his own is certain to gain interest from across the world.
The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that Rikiton was always surrounded by different forms of music. His father was a full-time DJ in the NY late 70's and 80's Disco scene, and his father exposed him to a wealth of music as a child, all of which influenced his development.
His first foray into learning an instrument himself came when he started to play the piano aged just 5 years old. Later he began to play percussion in the school orchestra, which he continued with for 5 years before finally experiencing the turntables at local high school house parties at the age of 16, a decision which he never looked back from. At the Age of 17 he also began working at a friends recording studio, called Victory Records. There, is where he sat behind the console and started recording and producing for various artists. That's where his engineering and mixing skills were born.
Rikiton's musical journey began in Middletown, New York, it was here that he developed his musical tastes and interests, and it wasn't long after jumping behind the turntables that he was experimenting with audio engineering. He went on to graduate from Middletown high school and attended the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, FL. Then shortly after, he attended the Institute of Audio Research, where he received his certification in Audio Engineering. He then began working in various studios around the country including Puerto Rico. Artist collaborations include Jadakiss, Zion y Lennox, Tony Dize, Voltio, and many others in the hip-hop and reggaeton genres.
After realising that making music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across New York and Miami, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that his name and music were being heard by as many people as possible. He was quickly noted for the unique style that he brought to the traditional latin reggaeton scene, and his popularity began to grow.
As his confidence grew and his style developed, he soon saw a loyal following begin to grow and he became a popular local hit in the Middletown Nightlife scene. His talent with a variety of genres added to his appeal, and his unique open format sound started to find an appreciative audience.
But although his name was continuing to grow in Middletown, it was not here that he was destined to become a star. Instead, Rikiton had developed an affinity with Miami 2 having travelled there frequently as a teenager, and after picking up a BA in Music Production, he left to go Miami after forming his company, Black Key Entertainment in 2012.
Here his Entrepreneurial ambitions continued to grow, aided by the sounds of EDM nightlife that he found all around him. Learning from experienced club promoters, he began to throw his own parties and events in the Miami beach area.
He is keen to point out that everything he listens to directs his musical development in some way. However, he would certainly include Jay-Z, Big Pun, Justin Timberlake, Pharell, Donell Jones and Swizz Beatz as amongst his biggest influences.
Finally, after honing his unique sound over recent years, he is now preparing to release his debut album, 'Vizion', which underlies the changes that Rikiton has gone through over recent years. The biggest of these was the 'vision' of different business ventures he wanted to pursue, which has allowed him to develop as an entrepreneur, and has in turn profoundly aided his musical development. Along with his album, he is now focused on launching several entertainment based applications around the world that will soon be available to consumers. Stay Tuned for more on this up and coming music mogul.